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Bus Trip to Mt. Fuji ~World Cultural Heritage as Sacred Place and Source of Artistic Inspiration~

Date Wednesday, 26 October 2022
Venue Mt. Fuji and Itchiku Kubota Art Museum, Yamanashi Prefecture 

Visiting Mt. Fuji, World Cultural Heritage as Sacred Place and Source of Artistic Inspiration

On Wednesday, 26 October 2022, we held the bus trip to Mt. Fuji to discover the reasons why it is registered as World Cultural Heritage 2013. We had 29 participants including 6 Dutch people with Ambassador’s wife, Joan Mitchell van der Vliet. In Itchiku Kubota Art Museum, we were impressed by tie-dyed kimonos of Itchiku-Tsujigahana-zome, which were inspired by the four seasons of Mt. Fuji. After lunch in a restaurant with Mt. Fuji view, passing through metal Torii gate into the spiritual world, we visited Togawa Oshi house, the coordinator for Fuji-ko pilgrimage to Mt. Fuji in Edo Period and Kitaguchi-Hongu-Fuji-Sengen-Jinja shrine. The finale was the panoramic view of Mt. Fuji from Fujisan-deck in Herb Garden Tabi-Nikki. It was a beautiful day inspired by the divine purity of snowcapped Mt. Fuji.     

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  • 富士山ハーブ庭園旅日記
  • 北口本宮冨士浅間神社鳥居

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