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Lecture by Mr. Akira Kitade

Date Thursday, 29 October 2016, 18:00-19:50
Venue Conference Hall of the FUJIFILM Head Office
On Thursday, 29 September at the Conference Hall of the FUJIFILM Head Office, we hosted a lecture by Mr. Akira Kitade, entitled “Visas of Life and the Epic Journey ~ Chiune Sugihara and Jan Zwartendijk ~”. Mr. Kitade showed a short documentary film and presented the important role of Chiune Sugihara. He then explained the role of “Curacao visa” issued by the consul Jan Zwartendijk and the escape route of Jewish refugees. Many slides were projected on a screen, and the explanation was very clear. It was a valuable opportunity to get to know about an unknown history of Jan Zwartendijk. After the lecture, many questions were made to Mr. Kitade, and the participants made live exchange among each other.
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