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MINI OUTING: series no.11 Hand puppet show at Atelier Shokichi in Yanaka

Date Friday, June 28, 2024
Venue Atelier Shokichi in Yanaka

On Friday, 28 June we held a mini outing to enjoy hand puppet show at Atelier Shokichi in Yanaka with 22 participants. Mr. Tsuyuki, the master, showed us many comical skits played by his original hand puppets, mostly of old people, and portrait drawing by hand puppets. Refreshment time followed at café CIBI, and some of us even strolled in the heavy rain for discovering Yanaka area.
This was the last event for Mrs. Anne Lande Peters, our honorary governor until now, who will leave Japan in July, and the first event for Mrs. Louise Beschoor Plug-Wesseling, the new ambassador’s wife and our new honorary governor, who came to Japan in May. That was exactly the day; Smiling brings you good luck!

  • 指人形と観客
  • 似顔絵描きLouise
  • 似顔絵描きAnne

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