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MINI OUTING: series no.8 Edo-ya and Ozu Museum Visit Report

Date Friday, 13 May 2022
Venue Edo-ya's collection of traditionalnatural-fiber handmade brushes and Ozu Museum

Visit to two small museums in Edo-ya and Ozu-washi in Nihonbashi

―Collection of Edo-ya on Traditional Natural-Fiber Handmade Brushes Museum 

―Ozu Museum (traditional Japanese paper)


On Friday, 13 May 2022, we visited two traditional shops in Nihonbashi which have continued since Edo Period with 12 members including the Ambassador’s wife, Mrs. Joan van der Vliet. In Edo-ya which makes traditional natural-fiber handmade brushes Mr. Hamada, 12th owner explained us about the history of the shop and about their products. In Ozu-washi we learned about the history of the shop and about various admirable usages of washi. We also enjoyed shopping. That was a day we discovered the spirit of artisans and merchants of Edo which has been inherited till today.

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