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[MINI OUTING] series no.7 Zoshigaya Missionary House Museum Visit Report

Date Wednesday, 27 October 2021
Venue Zoshigaya Missionary House Museum

On Wednesday, 27 October we visited Zoshigaya Missionary House Museum with 9 ladies including the Ambassador’s wife, Mrs. Joan van der Vliet. The curator explained us about the oldest existing Western-style wooden structure in Toshima-ku, and also about the life of American missionary J.M.McCaleb, who stayed 49 years in Japan, which was filled with love for human being but also with hardship. Owing to the petition of people who were concerned with him, it has been preserved, and now has been designated as Tangible Cultural Property by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We enjoyed the gathering face to face after the long blank for one year and eight months.

  • 雑司が谷旧宣教師館全景 - コピー

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