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Bus Trip to Kasama

Date Thursday, May 9, 2024
Venue Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture 

On Thursday, 9 May 2024, we held the bus trip to Kasama in Ibaraki Prefecture. It was the chance to express our gratitude to our honorary governor, Anne Lande Peters, who is leaving Japan for San Francisco. 30 participants first visited Shunpu Banri-so Villa, lovely thatch-roofed house owned by Kitaoji Rosanjin, famous multi-talented artist, and admired lots of unique pieces of furniture. After having healthy lunch with fresh local vegetables, in the afternoon we visited Kasama Inari Shrine, and learned centuries of history of Kasama with the help of local volunteer guides. We also enjoyed shopping in Kasama pottery gallery ‘Mon’ and small shops along the street of shrine town.  In the Kasama Nichido Museum of Art, built along the hill full of green leaves, we enjoyed the excellent collection of art in spacious rooms. Up in the blue sky, floating white clouds reminded us of the sky in the Netherlands. It was the day we could share the time to say goodbye in Kasama, full of history, art, and beautiful nature. We all sang ‘I Left my Heart in San Francisco’ in the bus and wished Anne’s happiness lasts forever.

  • 笠間日動美術館彫刻庭園空と雲Marijke
  • 回廊ギャラリー門 (2)
  • 笠間稲荷大藤Marijke
  • 笠間稲荷手水所
  • 笠間稲荷本殿ガイド
  • 笠間稲荷山門

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