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One-day Trip to Gunma

Date Thursday, 29 October 2016
Venue Tomioka Silk Mill, Nippon Silk Center & Konjac Food Park in Gunma Prefecture
We conducted “One-day Trip in autumn” on Wednesday, 23 November (holiday), with 29 members, and visited Gunma Prefecture. Nippon Silk Center gave us a global image of silk farming through guiding and an exposition. The lunch was tasty local cuisine “Okkirikomi”. In the afternoon, at Tomioka Silk Mill, we wore “smart glasses” and experienced virtual images and sounds along the guide’s explanation. Not only visiting the buildings but also seeing Industrial Silk-Reeling plant, we understood its real reason to be designated as World Heritage Site. At Konjac Food Park, we could taste various kinds of konjac foods and enjoyed shopping. The weather was a little windy but nice and all the participants shared a fine moment.
  • 2016.11.23 群馬日帰り旅行02
  • 2016.11.23 群馬日帰り旅行01

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